Cross Country Series


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Dates for 2019

Wednesday September 11 at Callingwood Park

Wednesday September 25 at Mill Woods Park

Wednesday October 2 at Rundle Park

All meets start at 4:45 p.m.

Registration for 2019:

Edmonton Harriers Cross Country Series Registration Form

Students are registered by their schools.  If your school is not participating or your child is home-schooled and you wish your child to participate, please follow the same instructions as for the schools.

Please arrange to send a list of all possible participants using the attached spreadsheet to:  being sure to include your contact information at the top.  You only need to submit an athlete’s name once for the whole series.  If possible include all athletes who will participate in the series whether or not they intend or participating in all the races.  By using this spreadsheet, it will allow us to directly import your students into our database and thus save hours of data entry and the typos that occur with such a task.  We will supply the labels for the athletes to stick to their shirt.  Labels will be available for pick up at the registration table.  Entry receipt will be acknowledged by return email within 24 hours.  If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please request a confirmation of receipt.  Please do not bring your own labels.

There will be no on-site registration.  All schools will be billed after the last race based on the number of athletes from their school that cross the finish line.  An electronic invoice will be sent to the Coach or Billing Person approximately 2 weeks after the last race.

Entry Deadline:  Monday noon before each Wednesday race.  (The Friday before is better, to allow you more time to confirm information.)

The entry fee this year will be $7.00 per child per race.  This entry fee covers the cost of insurance, park permits, plaques, ribbons, medals, etc.

Race Format

The Harriers Cross-Country Series consists of three meets for elementary students (races for Grades 3 to 6).  Students compete against others in their own grade and of their own gender, thus each meet consists of eight races.  Students younger than Grade 3 may participate in the Grade 3 races.  The meets make up a series in which students earn points for themselves (in the individual competition) and for their school (in the team competition).  Awards are given for the combined results of the three meets.  Students must participate in all three meets to be eligible for the individual awards.

Race distances will vary from about 1300 m to 1750 m.

The meets start at 4:45 p.m.  The first race will start at 4:45 p.m. with races beginning approximately every 10-15 minutes after that.  Race Order for all meets will be:

  • Grade 6 girls
  • Grade 6 boys
  • Grade 5 girls
  • Grade 5 boys
  • Grade 4 girls
  • Grade 4 boys
  • Grade 3 and younger girls
  • Grade 3 and younger boys

Park Location

Each school is encouraged to bring a bus, as special parking will be provided for buses.  There will be limited parking available for cars.  Parents are also encouraged to car pool.

Wednesday September 11 at Callingwood Park

17740 69 Avenue NW – Park is bordered by 69 Avenue and 76 Avenue, 178 Street and 172 Street.  There are a number of parking lots in and around Callingwood Park.  Please obey all “No Parking” signs – violators may be ticketed.

Wednesday September 25th at Mill Woods Park

This park is bordered by 23rd Avenue, 28th Avenue, 66th Street and Mill Woods Road.

The races begin near the tennis courts behind Holy Trinity School.  There are a number of parking lots in and around Mill Woods Park.  Please obey all “No Parking” signs – violators may be ticketed.

Wednesday October 2 at Rundle Park

<details to come>


All runners will be provided with their placement for their run.  Results (times, places, and points earned) will be posted on the Harriers website as soon as possible following the meet.  We aim to have the results posted within 48 hours of the meets.  Results will be in Meet Manager format so that schools can search through the results for their individual school’s placing.

The Harriers volunteers at the finish line will remove each athlete’s label.  Please stress to your athletes that they should not remove or crumple up their name tags until they are at the finish line and asked to remove them by the Harrier volunteers.  Labels that are missing, crumpled, or illegible cause considerable delay at the finish line and may result in inaccurate finishing results.


Place ribbons will be given to the top ten finishers in each race.  All finishers will receive a participation ribbon.

The meets are organized as a series, with runners earning points for each race.  First in each race earns 1 point, 2nd earns 2 points, 3rd earns 3 points etc.  Individual medals are awarded to the lowest three accumulative point earners in each category (e.g.:  Grade 4 girls etc.) Runners must compete in all three Wednesday races to be eligible for these awards.

Awards are also given to the top three teams in each category on an accumulative point basis.  Teams are made up of the first three finishers in each category from each school, and need not be the same three individuals for the three meets.  Coaches may choose to have their Grade 3’s and younger run in the Grade 4 race as some schools may need to do this in order to field a complete team.  Coaches can decide which race they compete in, however, students may only run in one race in each meet.  They cannot run in the Grade 4 race and then in the Grade 3 race.

Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 teams in each category (1 plaque per team in the school).  Schools can then engrave the names of the runners they wish to recognize as being members of that team.

In honor of Phil Booth (who started the Edmonton Harriers Cross Country Series over 25 years ago and has worked tirelessly with educators, coaches, parents, and athletes to encourage youth to participate in cross-country and track and field), the annual Phil Booth Award will go to the overall top school.

If schools wish to provide medals for their team members they can be purchased for $9 each.  They will be available for purchase by the schools at the Hawrelak Park race only.  If your school decides to purchase medals after the last race, the medals will be available for pickup at an Edmonton location or we can send them to the school via courier (paid for by the school).

Cancellation Due To Weather

Cross-country races usually run regardless of the weather.  However, there are times when the race may have to be cancelled to prevent injury to athletes.  All information pertaining to the race will be posted on the Harriers website .  If there is a question as to whether or not the race will be on, the Harriers website will be updated by midnight the night before the race.


Venues booked!

Dates and venues for the 2017 Edmonton Harriers Elementary Cross Country Series are as follows

Wednesday, Sept. 13th AT CALLINGWOOD PARK     change in venue due to Laurier not being available this year due to construction

Wednesday, Sept 27th at Mill Woods

Wednesday, Oct 4th at Hawrelak

Full details to follow soon – few, if any, changes.