Mini Update November 25, 2019

November 29, 2019


Edmonton Harriers Pre-Christmas – Guesstimate Run

Coming up shortly the Annual Harriers Guesstimate Run. Saturday December 14th at 10.30 am. Details below. Don’t miss it – an opportunity to forget about all the last minute shopping you still have to do. Don’t forget to let George know if you are coming. This is not a distance running test, it is a fun time for all.

When & Where: Check the Mini Update in your email for the date, time and location.
Distance: 5 km
Open to: Harriers members, family members and invited guests capable of running/jogging/walking/being dragged 5 km before the sun goes down.
Format: Runners submit their predicted time for the 5 k. Timepieces are temporarily confiscated for the duration of the run. Winners are those who run closest to their predicted times.
Prizes: The club will provide a $50 gift card for the overall winner. The entry fee for each runner is a wrapped gift – maximum value $20. This is a re-gift or gag gift exchange, so dig out those tacky plastic reindeer figurines or awesome day-glo fuzzy earmuffs that you have been saving in your basement for just such an occasion. After the race, gifts are chosen in reverse order you finished the competition i.e. one who was furthest from his/her guesstimate gets to choose 1st, opens the gift. Next-to-last can then steal that gift or choose to open another. If your gift is stolen, you get to open another gift. In the interest of time only the person whose turn it is to pick, a prize can steal from someone else. They can steal from anyone. The person whose gift is taken then opens another gift. The prize donated by the club is not included in this – it goes to the person closest to their predicted time.

This Guesstimate run has developed into one of the highlights of our social calendar with many people bringing some goodies. This year you are again more than welcome to supplement this post-race party by bringing along some of your favorite shareable goodies. George will be making his world famous pancakes for everyone.

If you have taken part before we know you’ll be there. If you’re new to the club, this is an ideal way of meeting club-mates and parents. Come and join us!

Please RSVP to George at by Tue., Dec. 10th

All members, families and invited guests are invited to take part.


George’s group training as usual except Dec 6th and 12th when they will be at the dome at Foote Field. Phil’s group no training the next two Saturdays. Phil will be taking a week off after Canadian Cross Country Championships this weekend and suggests that his group also take the week of Dec 1st to 8th off. Phil will resume Monday, Dec. 9th. Saturday training for Phil’s group will move to the Alfred H Savage Centre, 13909 Fox Drive. Head on Fox Drive towards Fort Edmonton Park. Depending on the direction you’re coming from turn right or left onto the road that leads to the Equine Centre and follow that road round to the left, passing under Fox Drive and you will come to the Centre (Google maps will give you a much better idea.)


Canadian Cross Country Championships, Abbotsford, Saturday, Nov. 30th

14 runners representing Harriers will be challenging the very best in the country this weekend. We know it will be a great experience and they will be great ambassadors for the club.

Looking Back

Congratulations to the Harriers who took part in the Last Chance Meet, Nov 16th, A small group from the club performed very well in a number of events, some producing results that approached their personal bests.

Harriers were:
Kendall Li
Zoey Turcotte
Emily Wilke
Matthew Wafer
Leif Pougnet
Tyson Pond
Katherine McCallion
Kate Kolber