September 9, 2019 – Mini Update (Training, x-country)

September 10, 2019

WELCOME to all our new members. We hope you will have a positive and enjoyable experience with our club. No doubt you will have many questions, especially until you get into the swing of things. Remember many of your questions will possibly have been answered in emails and other club communications. Check the web site for additional info. But when in doubt, ask.

RETURNING MEMBERS – remember to renew your membership ASAP – it helps our volunteer membership co-coordinator immensely if it is done promptly.

TRAINING Regular training now underway.

Monday, Sept. 9

All at Hawrelak

Tuesday Sept. 10

All at Hawrelak

Wednesday Sept 11

no formal training – Harriers Elementary Cross Country Meet at Callingwood and High School Rookie Meet at Coronation

Thursday Sept 12

All at Hawrelak

Friday Sept 13

No training

Saturday Sept. 14

Phil’s group at GOLD BAR PARK at 10,30am. Other athletes welcome to attend

Sunday Sept 15th

Individual training

Monday and Tuesday Sept. 16, 17

All at Hawrelak

Wednesday Sept 18

George’s group at Hawrelak

Thursday Sept 19

All at Hawrelak

Friday Sept 20

No training

Saturday Sept 21

No training. Peace Hills Cross Country at Wetaskiwin.


Below is a provisional fixture list. Please note there may be minor changes. Please retain this list (maybe print and attach to your fridge). More details about the cross country season to come soon.


Sept 11, 2019

Harriers Elementary Cross Country Meet #1, Callingwood Park, 4.45pm start (volunteers to arrive as early as possible). This is a continuation of a series we have been running for about 30 years and typically involves 1000 + runners. A massive undertaking which is one of our ways of giving back to Edmonton and area. Info has already gone out about volunteering – remember these races are a key part of your volunteer commitment.

Sept 11, 2019

Metro Edmonton High Schools Rookie Race, Coronation Park, 4.30pm

Other Key Dates for Cross Country

Sept 10, 2019

EPSB Jr High team relay, Laurier Park, 4.15pm

Sept 13, 2019

Edmonton Catholic Jr High Popsicle Run, Rundle Park, 12.30pm

Sept 17, 2019

EPSB Jr High Orienteering, Rundle Park

Sept 18, 2019

Metro Edmonton High Schools, team relay, Rundle Park

Sept 19, 2019

Edmonton Catholic Jr High Trials Race, Gold Bar, 12.30pm

Sept 21, 2019

Peace Hills Cross Country, Wetaskiwin

Sept. 24, 2019

EPSB Jr High Vernon Barford Race, 4.15pm

Sept 25, 2019

Harriers 2nd elementary race, Mill Woods

Sept 25, 2019

Metro Edmonton Boys/Girls, Rundle Park

Sept 26, 2019

Edmonton Catholic Jr High Champs, Gold Bar Park, 12.30pm

Oct 1, 2019

EPSB Jr High Champs, Gold Bar Park, 12.30pm

Oct 2, 2019

Metro Edmonton High Schools, 6 races, boys/girls, junior, inter and senior, Gold Bar Park, 4.15

Oct 2, 2019

Harriers 3rd elementary race, Rundle Park

Oct 5, 2019

John Bole Cross Country Classic, Leduc

Oct 9, 2019

Metro Edmonton High Schools, Zone Champs, Gold Bar Park, Top 18 in each race qualify for Provincial High School Champs.

Oct 19, 2019

Autumn Classic, Hawrelak Park (mostly elementary and junior high)

Oct 19, 2019

Alberta High Schools Champs. Eagle Butte.

Nov 2, 2019

Alberta Cross Country Championships, Wetaskiwin

Nov 30, 2019

Canadian Cross Country Championships, Abbotsford, BC


Wednesday, Sept 11, 2019 Harriers Elementary Cross Country Race #1 at Callingwood. Volunteers please be early ie by 4.00pm if you can make it. Remember volunteering for our cross country series is a key part of fulfilling your volunteer requirement for membership in the club,

PEACE HILLS, WETASKIWIN, Sat. Sept 21, 2019.

You are strongly encouraged to attend this meet, as it provides a good test of your cross country running ability over a fairly challenging course. Harriers have always supported this meet and have had a great deal of success over the years. Events for everyone. Also, this is the course that will be used later in the year for the Provincial Championships so it is a good opportunity to become familiar with the course.
Entry details and link to tech package below. Please let Phil know if you have entered so he can know who to look for.


A big night for the club. Hopefully you will all plan on attending . Details on the web page Please spread the word to anyone you know who has been involved in the Harriers over the years.



For newcomers the key info is found under the heading Technical Info. Just click that link and your questions will be answered (and if not, email Phil: