For both Phil and George’s groups is now based on Kinsmen Fieldhouse.

Phil’s group is reminded that we go outside on Mondays and Thursdays whenever possible – we’ll soon get acclimatized.  Starting time continues to be approx. 4.30.  On Tuesdays we will be doing a track session.  Because midget and older athletes are not allowed on the track even to warm up until 5 pm we will start at about 4.45 on Tuesdays.  A short warm up outside should get the group back in, ready to finish the warm up indoors, starting on the track at 5 pm.  This might mean that Tuesday’s sessions may go a little later than the Monday/Thursday sessions

Phil’s group is strongly encouraged to take a week or two off, unless competing in Canadian Cross Country Championships in 3 weeks.  Phil will be there Monday, Nov 6th but not again till Nov. 13th.  The Last Chance Meet is a great opportunity for newcomers to the sport but doesn’t really mean much to the older athletes – indoor race fitness is very different than cross country race fitness and there needs to be a gradual transition to faster running on the hard surface and tight bends at the Kinsmen to avoid injury.