Starting April 30th we will be moving to Foote Field for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday practices. Wednesday practices with Coach George’s group will be at Hawrelak Park, as will Coach Phil’s Saturday practices. Times for all practices remain the same.

George/Kyle/Arlo/Bailey group:

No Wednesday training until April 25​th​.​ Training March 20 (Arlo), 22nd (Bailey) and 29th (Bailey) at the Kinsmen. Then no training till after Spring Break​. Training will resume April 5th (Bailey), April 10th (Arlo), April 12th and 19th (Arlo and Bailey), all sessions at the Kinsmen. Athletes please bring your outdoor gear in the event the weather is nice enough to train outside.
Throughout the months of April and May, Kyle will be at most, if not all, of Phil’s Saturday practices (Hawrelak 10:30-12:00) It is highly recommended that George’s older athletes attend these sessions if and when possible.  George et al. regular sessions begin again Monday, April 23rd.

The schedule above will give everyone a reduced training load and some recovery before we get into the hectic outdoor season which, for some athletes, will last till mid August.